Sicker Than Your Average


One of the most popular verses from The Notorious B.I.G. is
Hah, Sicker Than Your Average” from the song “Hypnotize
This phrase is now the name of a hip hop blog:
Sicker Than Your Average (
This blog is:
 “dedicated to promoting all that is good in the world of hip hop. That includes looking back at he classics, appreciating the present, and highlighting new artist” (via
The blog is ran by a group of people that are from different parts of the East Coast:
Chisom Uzosike, Christine Ahamefule , David Dixon , Toyosi Yusuf & Nicole Billingslea
Below is a Trailer from the a Cypher hosted by
Sicker Than Your Average
Footage By Joshua Stevens
And Yes it Gets Better!!


They even have T-Shirts !!!
This is the first shirt from
Sicker Than Your Average
Definitely a DOPE Shirt !!!!
Its Unisex and made for anyone to wear especially for my fellow
 Definitely Sicker Than Your Average T-Shirt!
Definitely a Must Have in Your Closet!
Click This Link to Order the Shirt!
Its Only $20 Dollars



 Pictures from The Photoshoot are below
Other Model: Candiz Luke
Photographer: Gesiye
Location: Howard University Campus
Outfit Details
Shirt: Sicker Than Your Average-$20.00
Faux Leather Jogger Pants: Ebay-$24.97
Shoes: Low Top Vans-$40.00



















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