“Shopping Like A Boss” All Things Ankara Pop Up 2017 Campaign (Teaser)

Happy International Women’s Day to all my boss women!

“Shopping Like A Boss” All Things Ankara Pop Up 2017 Campaign Dropping Soon!

RSVP and more info at: allthingsankara.com/popup

Post on All Things Ankara here.


See the campaign photos and film on Nikki Billie Jean here.

See behind-the-scenes photos and videos on Nikki Billie Jean here.



Producer: All Things Ankara, Nikki Billie Jean

Fashion Stylist: Nikki Billie Jean

Creative Director: Troy Massa

Fashion Designers: Nikki Billie Jean (Wilson’s Hat), TruFace by Grace (Small Purses), SaLone Starr (Heels), J. WONYEN (Sira’s Outfit & Large Purse)

Hat, Small Purses and Heels, Available for Purchase at the All Things Ankara Store here

Models: Sira Kante & Wilson Ebo

Project Manager: LushVices, Jasmine Ngegba

Photographer: Othello Banaci

Assistant Photographer: Rike Akande

Film Production: Les Joueurs Photography, Isaiah Headen

Cinematographer: Steph Faucher

Behind-The-Scenes Videographer: WHATSGRIT?

Hair Stylist: Jackie Soul Chic

Make-Up Artist: TruFace Make-Up

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