Coming To America Festival 2019 Press Conference

The journey to success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. #TheMarathonContinues forever, if you want to sustain success forever. 💙🏁

Back in April, I was invited to the Coming To America Festival 2019 Press Conference. For the press conference, I wanted to represent with the All Things Ankara Swag but didn’t feel like buying an outfit or getting something made with my seamstress.

So I decided to turn one of my birthday dress from two years ago into a skirt and accessorize the look by purchasing a few items at the mall.

Check out the dress on a previous post (here)

My shades and my shoes are from Rainbow. My purse is from Target. My earrings are from the beauty supply store in Greenbelt Mall.

I got a lot of compliments on this look at the event. Thanks everyone! I am still getting compliments on my purse. Lol.

Be sure to get tickets to @allthingsankarabrunch #London on Sunday, June 30th. Tickets and more info at


Dress Turned Into a Skirt: @shopatamarketplace, Shop (here)
Swag: @allthingsankara 
Make Up: @madebyamaka @jessicaamaka
Hair: @aggie_hair @aggie_nes
Photographer: @sir.niick 
Venue: @iospaces
Event:  @comingtoamericamusicfestival press conference

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