Billie Jean

Hi Everyone!
Everyone remembers the day Michael Jackson died
June 25th 2013, 4 years ago
And It feels like it happened yesterday
Many people ask me:
 how I got my name
 “Nikki Billie Jean”?
   Is “Billie Jean” your favorite MJ Song?
 My full name is Nicolette, so people sometimes call me Nikki. The “Billie Jean” part of my name I got from Facebook.  In high school, Facebook was a very popular social network site and many people where changing their real names on Facebook to random, weird, and fake names. It got so out of control, that Facebook would not let people change their names. Around the time, I wanted to change my name, Michael Jackson had died. I decided to change my name on Facebook to “Nikki Billie Jean” in remberance of Michael Jackson.  Music has had a big influence on my life and Michael Jackson is a huge inspiration to music and life. He was a musical genius, broke world records and gave back to the community. He inspires me to go above and beyond. I also liked the way Billie Jean sounded with Nikki and Facebook approved of the “fake name” so it was meant to be #woot #woot.
*Funny Enough My Favorite MJ Songs are 
“I Can’t Help It & Butterflies”
I took these pictures last year in November but waited until now to put them up because of how I possed in the picture below
*Outfit Description Below*







Outfit Details
Blazer: Thirft Store
Leggings: Ebay
Shirt: JcPenny
Shoes: Jeffery Campbells
R.I.P King of Pop



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