Being A Good Sport in My Nishkami Ankara Bomber Jacket, adidas Superstar Cuffed Track Pants, and Rebook at Future of Sports

Happy new year! So last year, towards the end of November. I went to a pop-up sports themed art installation called Future of Sports in Washington, D.C.

The exhibit is designed around ten different sports, each with their own themed room and camera-friendly features. So I got dressed, grabbed my brother, my camera and headed on over to Future of Sports.

The exhibit was only opened for two months, (October 1st to November 30th). But one of the staff members said, New York was their next city. For more info on Future of Sports, head on over to

See the photos below.


Tennis Room.

Photo via Washingtonian/Evy Mages

Boxing Room.

Photo via WTOP/Noah Frank


Football Room.

(Photo by DCist/Alex Edelman)

The Cycling Room.

Photo Via Washingtonian/Evy Mages


Soccer Room.

Photo Via Washingtonian/Evy Mages

Basketball Room.

Photo via WTOP/Noah Frank

Glasses – Amazon (here)

Jacket – Nishkami, All Things Ankara (here)

Pants – Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods (here)

Shoes – Reebok Top Down in Steel, Rugged Warehouse (2009) (here)

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